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This page is dedicated to the body of work done by Dr. Ball.  His depths of understanding in multiple fields of study cover much of academia as you may find going through the vast archives of his writing. Sort of makes sense in regards to his study of our atmosphere and the number of forces acting upon it. Some are known and very likely some as yet unknown. With that in mind, the Generalist Journal was created. It is a forum where many disparaging and disparate fields can be examined to enlarge understanding. 

Dr. Ball has maintained that specialization in academia is a problem. Although important, specialization can create myopia. It is most assuredly not the only problem with academia. 

-Comments are welcome.

-We can disagree, but we don’t have to be disagreeable.

-Bring evidence to support your views. It adds to credibility somehow.

 It is also worthy of note that most don’t know the barrage Dr. Ball has faced these last 4 decades. A warrior for truth, he was willing to risk it all. And it has cost Dr. Ball dearly. The attacks came also in the form of lawsuits that in my opinion were designed to destroy. Not just silence. We are at a pivotal moment in history, where those who speak truth to power will be silenced forever. 

On a humorous note, Dr. Ball went into the field of climatology thinking “this looks like a field that isn’t burdened by controversy” and for a number of years it wasn’t.

As Michael Mann has yet to pay a single cent of what the BC courts have determined that he pay, this has put Dr. Ball in a difficult financial position. Please contribute if you have the means and if you feel this is an injustice. 

Looking forward to any contributions and/or commentary. 


David Ball 

10 thoughts on “Welcome all to the Generalist Journal.

  1. What a great new site!
    Meanwhile, remember that Al Gore & crew advance their AGW war on two fronts: “Settled science” and “there is no valid science-based opposition.” Guys who are completely without science expertise aren’t qualified to debate on that first front, but absolutely nothing prevents all of us non-scientists from asking questions about the second front, or from offering a simple two-word challenge about that assertion – “Prove it!”
    One of the more egregious tactics on that second front is for the AGW mob to accuse skeptic climate scientists of being paid fossil fuel money to spread lies. Again, you don’t have to be a climatologist or even a rocket scientist to ask Gore, Naomi Oreskes, and others where the specific evidence is that can stand up in a courtroom evidentiary hearing proving guys like Dr Tim Ball are in a pay-for-performance arrangement with fossil fuel industry executives. Dive into Gore & crew’s accusation, and you’ll be surprised at just how totally without merit it is.

  2. A group called the Partners for Climate Protection claims that it has persuaded 350 municipalities across Canada to join in a “commitment to climate action.” Their idea is to attack us thinkers at the local level as well as at the United Nations level. My rural county has enthusiastically joined the mob with a contracted colourful, gushy “Climate Action Plan of over 180 pages. The Plan urges the county to pass by-laws that will inhibit the work of farmers who care for their lands over many generations; so this is not just an attack on CO2. It is an attack on freedom and property rights.

    I intend to present a ten-minute oral brief to my county council when we ar again allowed to meet i public, and I have also created a 20-page argument against this form of assault on human rights. The document and oral brief are based on evidence from the IPCC as well as from respected scientists. They have taken several week so compile.

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